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Starting YouTube in the summer of 2016 with simple videos about my motorcycle and quickly expanded to more extensive videos about my Camaro.  Content started with Mods and Vlogs with a quick evolution into videography and short films. 

With the usual gadgets like Gopro's, Drones, Camcorders and photography equipment I have continuously pushed to tell new stories in better ways. 

To summarize very complex situation I was diagnosed with Systemic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 11 months while attending Sick Kids Toronto. I spent a very complicated 11 years immersed in the medical system and became a living experiment for what ever the doctors decided I might need. Despite a few brushes with death, I managed to defy all expectation. I started attending school regularly in high school, graduated with honours, and joined the work force. I have tried my best to learn from my situation and my challenges and i have been very lucky to discover videography and vlogging to help me share my story and adventures.